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Rewire Fitness Integrates with Garmin Connect

We are thrilled to announce our new integration with Garmin Connect! Once connected you’ll receive post-workout Mindset Recovery sessions priming your mind & body for recovery and we’ll also sync resting heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV), sleep & training load from Garmin Connect to provide you with a holistic readiness score, empowering you with […]

New Mindset Recovery Sessions

We are excited to share 20 new Mindset Recovery sessions across our Mindfulness and Recovery; Pre-Workout Priming (Elite); and Focus and Concentration (Elite) categories. These sessions have been created based on user feedback and feature a wide range of breathing modalities and Mindset Recovery protocols each tailored to the session goal. The sessions are also […]

New: Guided Recovery Sessions

We’re excited to share our latest update: “Guided Recovery Sessions”! We’ve designed these sessions to navigate you through the process of achieving your desired state while elevating your Mindset Recovery experience. These instructor led sessions will walk you through a complete mindfulness experience with sessions designed for pre-workout priming, relaxation, focus, and stress relief. We’ve […]