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What is Mindset Recovery?

We’ve all been there… turning up to training/competition feeling fatigued, unmotivated and unprepared; trying to manage stress from life, training and work; or suddenly losing focus in the middle of the day. It’s a factor of modern-day life, but Rewire is here to help… Rewire’s Mindset Recovery System contains sessions for a wide variety of […]

#9 – Fergus Crawley, Hybrid Athlete and Coach – Redefining Mental and Physical Strength in Sport

On this podcast, Sun and Ed discuss with Fergus some of his crazy challenges, including Project Vertical, where Fergus scaled the height of Everest three times over 11 days; and 500FIVE, where Fergus achieved a sub-5-minute mile, 500lb Squat and Marathon all in the same day. We explore the mental and physical resilience needed to […]

#8 – Timothy O’Donnell, World Champion Triathlete – Achieving longevity in sport through balance

On this podcast, the Rewire team discuss with Tim his journey to being a world-class professional triathlete. We dive into how he has managed his training and recovery to achieve a long and successful career.  We also hear from Tim about his recent heart attack which he experienced during a triathlon at Challenge Miami and […]