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New: Guided Recovery Sessions

We’re excited to share our latest update: “Guided Recovery Sessions”! We’ve designed these sessions to navigate you through the process of achieving your desired state while elevating your Mindset Recovery experience. These instructor led sessions will walk you through a complete mindfulness experience with sessions designed for pre-workout priming, relaxation, focus, and stress relief. We’ve […]

Rewire Fitness Integrates with Strava

We are pleased to share that we have just completed an update to our integration with Strava allowing you to automatically sync your training load from Strava to our Readiness Assessment; receive post-workout recommendations to help optimize your training and recovery; and more! In this post, I’ll explain the benefits of connecting Rewire to Strava […]

What is Readiness?

Knowing when to train and when to recover can be a huge challenge for athletes, but mastering this can reap huge rewards. Rewire brings your data together to create actionable insights, allowing you to optimize your training and recovery and be the best you. Readiness is a measure of your ability to perform, the system […]

What is Neuro-Training?

Imagine this, you’ve just finished a hard days work, put your trainers on, and head to the gym… feels hard, right? That’s the effect of mental fatigue, which has been shown to significantly hinder our performance. The good news is, you can train your tolerance to mental fatigue through neuro-training. By using Neuro-Training you can […]