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Quick Start Guide to Rewire

1 – Connect your Bluetooth Devices Rewire is better with more data. That’s why we’ve made it so that you can connect any standard Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor. To connect simply tap on the Bluetooth button in the top right-hand corner, or go to Settings -> Setup Devices Once connected you can record your Heart […]

The Rewire Readiness Assessment

Overview The Rewire Readiness Assessment system is designed to provide you with a convenient way to assess your daily readiness. Readiness is a measure of your ability to perform, the system takes a holistic view, measuring your level of overall readiness as well as breakdowns into cognitive, physical and emotional readiness. We recommend that users build […]

What is Mindset Recovery

Mindset Recovery Protocols The Mindset Recovery system uses scientifically proven protocols to reduce stress and anxiety, develop a positive mindset, and prepare for competition. The different protocols used in Rewire are also used individually by the Navy SEALs, NASA, and elite athletes around the world.  For the first time, Rewire has combined all of these […]

What is Neuro-Training?

What is Neuro-Training Rewire’s Neuro-Training System uses a protocol called Brain Endurance Training (BET) which is designed to increase your tolerance to Mental Fatigue. What benefits can you get from Neuro-Training? Increased Mental Resilience Improved Athletic Performance Improved Decision Making Increased Tolerance to Mental Fatigue How to use Neuro Training? We have three types of Neuro-Training Sessions: […]

Webinar – Getting Started with Rewire

Join our next Webinar We’d love to have you join our next webinar where we will cover: How to get started with Rewire Why we created Rewire The Science behind Rewire How to get the most out of Rewire Any questions you may have To register for the webinar, click here.