Introducing the Go/NoGo Task: A New Way to Assess Cognitive Readiness with Rewire

At Rewire, we are constantly striving to provide you with the best tools to enhance your performance and optimize your readiness. That’s why we are thrilled to announce the latest addition to our Readiness Assessment: the Go/NoGo task. Let’s dive into the details:

What is the Go/NoGo Task?

The Go/NoGo task is a response inhibition task in which your goal is to rapidly identify and respond to the “Go” stimuli (blue shape) as fast as possible, while withholding your response to the “NoGo” stimuli (red shape). Rewire measures your reaction time when correctly responding to the Go stimuli, lapses in concentration, and the number of incorrect responses (misses). Over a rolling 30-day period we’ll create a baseline and utilise that to provide a personalized analysis of daily cognitive readiness, helping you make well-informed training and recovery decisions.

Why is Cognitive Readiness Important?

Mental (or cognitive) fatigue impairs physical performance. This is something we all (likely) have anecdotal experience with – try training after a long hard day at work, it’s going to feel harder, and you’re not going to able to achieve your best. This was cemented within research with a landmark 2009 study by Samuele Marcora et al., providing initial evidence that ‘mental fatigue limits exercise tolerance in humans through higher perception of effort rather than cardiorespiratory and musculoenergetic mechanisms’ with many more studies since highlighting the negative effect that mental fatigue has on athletic performance.

What Can We Do About Low Cognitive Readiness?

The good news is that despite the negative impact that cognitive fatigue has on our performance, there are a variety of strategies that can mitigate the negative effect of cognitive fatigue. We’ve built these protocols into our Mindset Recovery system providing a way to optimize your state for workouts, sleep, focus, relaxation and more – with sessions utilising strategies like Binaural Beats, Guided Breathing, Self-Talk, Visualization, and Subliminal Priming. Our recommendation engine also provides a personalized recovery recommendation based on your current readiness state, key areas of need, and your goal.

Integrating the Go/NoGo Task into the Readiness Assessment

The Go/NoGo task seamlessly integrates into our Readiness Assessment, providing an alternative to the Reaction Time task. In addition to the cognitive assessment, our Readiness Assessment takes a holistic approach, encompassing cognitive, emotional, and physical domains. By combining multiple data points, including the results from the Go/NoGo task, heart rate monitoring, training load, and self-assessment questions, Rewire provides you with a well-rounded assessment of your overall readiness.

Get Started with Rewire and the Go/NoGo Task

If you’re already a member of Rewire, simply update your app and start a Readiness Assessment to select and use the Go/NoGo task. Please keep in mind that since the Go/NoGo task is a new task, we’ll need to calibrate your baseline independently to the reaction time test. This process is initially 4 days and improves over the course of a rolling 30-day period. During the 4-day calibration, your cognitive score will be based on Mental Load and Sleep. You can always switch back to the Reaction Time task via Settings->Readiness Assessment Preferences.

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PRODUCT UPDATES #3 – New Mindset Recovery Categories, App Features, Teams Platform, Neuro-Buttons…

In this episode, Sun and Ed talk about the latest developments at Rewire, including new mindset recovery sessions and categories for sleep and motivation, updated app features, a refreshed home screen, and an improved recommendation engine. The episode also introduces Rewire’s latest team platform for coaches and neuro-training hardware

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Rewire Fitness Integrates with Garmin Connect

We are thrilled to announce our new integration with Garmin Connect! Once connected you’ll receive post-workout Mindset Recovery sessions priming your mind & body for recovery and we’ll also sync resting heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV), sleep & training load from Garmin Connect to provide you with a holistic readiness score, empowering you with the data and tools to make smarter training and recovery decisions. Remember, performance is about your ability to train consistently over weeks and months not about one training day.

In this post, we’ll explain the benefits of connecting Rewire to Garmin and how Rewire can help you get the most out of your workouts. But first, what’s Rewire? Rewire is a mental fitness platform that helps you reach your full potential and avoid burnout through evidence-based solutions for tracking athlete readiness, building mental resilience, and improving mind/body recovery. 

Why Rewire + Garmin?

Garmin has one of the largest communities of athletes using their devices making Garmin our most requested platform to integrate with.

Connecting your Garmin Connect account allows Rewire to analyse your health and workout data, providing a seamless way to measure your current Readiness. It also allows us to provide you with post-workout recommendations tailored to your readiness state, either adding mental load through Neuro-Training if you are in an excellent cognitive state or providing you with a Mindset Recovery session designed to optimize mind and body recovery.

Sync Resting Physiology from Garmin

You can now sync resting heart rate, HRV*, and sleep from your Garmin Connect app to Rewire for our Readiness Assessment. The Rewire Readiness Assessment provides a holistic way to track readiness across cognitive, physical and emotional domains giving you the complete picture. 

*We are so excited to be one of the first third-party apps to utilise Garmin’s new HRV Status feature which they are currently rolling out on some of their devices (including Forerunner 955, Forerunner 255, Fenix 7 and Fenix 6 (beta)). This allows you to track overnight HRV which can then be synced to Rewire. 

Auto-Sync Training Load from Garmin

Once you connect Garmin, we’ll automatically sync yesterday’s workouts from Garmin Connect to pre-fill your training load in our Readiness Assessment. Duration is based on the length of your workouts and intensity is calculated using your heart rate or power data. You can still adjust duration or intensity if you need. From your training load, Rewire creates a cumulative training load which is based on your training over the last 4 days. 

Alongside RHR, HRV, and sleep, training load combines with 9 other measures to provide you with a holistic readiness score and actionable recovery sessions to help optimize your state.

Post-Workout Recommendations

After finishing a Garmin workout, open up the Rewire app for a post-workout recommendation. Based on your data we will recommend a relevant post-workout Mindset Recovery session, featuring a range of recovery protocols including guided breathing, binaural beats and subliminal priming which have been tailored to your readiness state. If you are in an excellent cognitive state we will recommend a post-workout Neuro-Training workout designed to build your mental resilience. 

How to Connect?

Head to Settings -> Configure Third-Party Integrations -> Garmin then connect via logging into your Garmin Connect account. Once connected, you can adjust which sources will sync data to Rewire via the integration settings.

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You asked, we listened!

Garmin was our most requested integration and we’re always speaking with our users to learn what new features they want from Rewire! If you have any suggestions or want to vote and add feedback on features currently planned or under consideration, please visit our feedback portal.

New Mindset Recovery Sessions

We are excited to share 20 new Mindset Recovery sessions across our Mindfulness and Recovery; Pre-Workout Priming (Elite); and Focus and Concentration (Elite) categories. These sessions have been created based on user feedback and feature a wide range of breathing modalities and Mindset Recovery protocols each tailored to the session goal. The sessions are also connected to our 24/7 Recovery Coach (Elite) giving tailored Recovery recommendations throughout your day based on your Readiness State and Goals.

New Sessions:

Mindfulness and Recovery (Free)

Use these recovery sessions to help your mind and body reset.

Featured Session: Deep Mind Body Recovery
This session focuses on your emotional and physical readiness by getting you into a state of deep relaxation that is ideal for recovery. This session features 2Hz Binaural Beats, perfect for deep relaxation and recovery. It also includes 5-10 breathing, with a long exhale designed to activate your parasympathetic nervous system, calming your mind and body. Subliminal Priming works to improve your mood and motivation. Visualization cues help get your mind and body in an ideal state for rest and recovery.

All New Mindfulness and Recovery Sessions

  • Tranquility
  • Clear Your Mind
  • Deep/Mind Body Recovery
  • Deep Relaxation
  • Unwind
  • Calm
  • Rejuvenate
  • Release the Tension
  • Release and Relax
  • Clearing the Fog
  • Release the Strain
  • Restore

Pre-Workout Priming (Elite)

These sessions are designed to enhance your workout by priming you for optimal performance.

Featured Session: Vitalize
Optimize physical readiness and prepare for performance. This session features Step-Up breathing, which is designed to prepare mind and body for performance. The hyperventilations increase your blood oxygen levels, and then the long hold creates a CO2 build-up which allows the new oxygen to enter your cells. It also features 13Hz Binaural Beats, designed to help with focus and concentration for performance. Subliminal Priming and Positive Self-Talk work to improve your mood and motivation. Visualization cues help prepare you for the work you need to acheive today.

All New Pre-Workout Priming Sessions

  • Lift
  • Prepare
  • Vitalize
  • Energize

Focus and Concentration (Elite)

Use when you need to increase concentration and focus either at work or in training.

Featured Session: Centre Yourself
Achieve a state ready for deep work and productivity. This session includes Pranayama breathing which can help you achieve clarity. It also features 13Hz Binaural Beats, designed to help with focus and concentration for performance. Subliminal Priming and Positive Self-Talk work to improve your mood and motivation.

All New Focus and Concentration Sessions

  • Focus
  • Engage
  • Centre Yourself
  • Flow
New Guided Recovery Sessions

New: Guided Recovery Sessions

We’re excited to share our latest update: “Guided Recovery Sessions”! We’ve designed these sessions to navigate you through the process of achieving your desired state while elevating your Mindset Recovery experience. These instructor led sessions will walk you through a complete mindfulness experience with sessions designed for pre-workout priming, relaxation, focus, and stress relief.

We’ve released four initial sessions to our guided library which are featured in our new ‘Guided Recovery Session’ category:

*Please access these links via your mobile phone to be taken to the sessions.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback! Please continue to let us know your feedback at!

If you haven’t already signed up to Rewire, you can experience one of our audio only recovery sessions here:

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