Rewire Fitness Integrates with Garmin Connect

We are thrilled to announce our new integration with Garmin Connect! Once connected you’ll receive post-workout Mindset Recovery sessions priming your mind & body for recovery and we’ll also sync resting heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV), sleep & training load from Garmin Connect to provide you with a holistic readiness score, empowering you with the data and tools to make smarter training and recovery decisions. Remember, performance is about your ability to train consistently over weeks and months not about one training day.

In this post, we’ll explain the benefits of connecting Rewire to Garmin and how Rewire can help you get the most out of your workouts. But first, what’s Rewire? Rewire is a mental fitness platform that helps you reach your full potential and avoid burnout through evidence-based solutions for tracking athlete readiness, building mental resilience, and improving mind/body recovery. 

Why Rewire + Garmin?

Garmin has one of the largest communities of athletes using their devices making Garmin our most requested platform to integrate with.

Connecting your Garmin Connect account allows Rewire to analyse your health and workout data, providing a seamless way to measure your current Readiness. It also allows us to provide you with post-workout recommendations tailored to your readiness state, either adding mental load through Neuro-Training if you are in an excellent cognitive state or providing you with a Mindset Recovery session designed to optimize mind and body recovery.

Sync Resting Physiology from Garmin

You can now sync resting heart rate, HRV*, and sleep from your Garmin Connect app to Rewire for our Readiness Assessment. The Rewire Readiness Assessment provides a holistic way to track readiness across cognitive, physical and emotional domains giving you the complete picture. 

*We are so excited to be one of the first third-party apps to utilise Garmin’s new HRV Status feature which they are currently rolling out on some of their devices (including Forerunner 955, Forerunner 255, Fenix 7 and Fenix 6 (beta)). This allows you to track overnight HRV which can then be synced to Rewire. 

Auto-Sync Training Load from Garmin

Once you connect Garmin, we’ll automatically sync yesterday’s workouts from Garmin Connect to pre-fill your training load in our Readiness Assessment. Duration is based on the length of your workouts and intensity is calculated using your heart rate or power data. You can still adjust duration or intensity if you need. From your training load, Rewire creates a cumulative training load which is based on your training over the last 4 days. 

Alongside RHR, HRV, and sleep, training load combines with 9 other measures to provide you with a holistic readiness score and actionable recovery sessions to help optimize your state.

Post-Workout Recommendations

After finishing a Garmin workout, open up the Rewire app for a post-workout recommendation. Based on your data we will recommend a relevant post-workout Mindset Recovery session, featuring a range of recovery protocols including guided breathing, binaural beats and subliminal priming which have been tailored to your readiness state. If you are in an excellent cognitive state we will recommend a post-workout Neuro-Training workout designed to build your mental resilience. 

How to Connect?

Head to Settings -> Configure Third-Party Integrations -> Garmin then connect via logging into your Garmin Connect account. Once connected, you can adjust which sources will sync data to Rewire via the integration settings.

Ready to Get Started?

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You asked, we listened!

Garmin was our most requested integration and we’re always speaking with our users to learn what new features they want from Rewire! If you have any suggestions or want to vote and add feedback on features currently planned or under consideration, please visit our feedback portal.