Rewire Beta Athlete: Rebeccah Wassner

“As triathletes, we often focus on just swimming, biking and running and don’t think about the mental aspect of things” says Rebeccah Wassner, a professional triathlete and Rewire Athlete. “Having this app has really helped me focus on that and sharpen my mind while I’m doing my training.”

Rebeccah, who is a three time winner of the New York City Triathlon, finds benefit from using the app during easier workouts as a more productive distraction: “During easy workouts on the trainer when I would just usually tune out and watch a movie, I’ve been queuing up the app and really enjoying just getting that mental focus, it passes the time and at the end I just feel more refreshed.

Rewire also helps Rebeccah prepare for inevitable setbacks that occur on race day: “As a triathlete so much of our races come down to mental toughness. Your training can go perfectly, but on race day there are endless variables – weather, mechanicals, nutrition issues, etc. Using Rewire is the best way to prepare for the mental toughness it takes to get through these issues.”

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