Rewire Beta Athlete: Joe Holmes

“Most of us are looking for distractions while riding indoors, whereas Rewire provides something that commands absolute focus.” says Joe Holmes, who was an Elite Road Racer for 20 years and is now a cycling coach.

Joe uses Rewire to provide more engagement to his indoor workouts: “I think the main benefit of the app is turning mindless pedalling into a more immersive experience.”

As an elite coach who has trained state and series title winners in MTB, ultra and road categories, Joe thinks using Rewire with his athletes that he coaches will be especially helpful during the winter training season: “With the athletes that I coach I’m always looking for things to not only increase their focus but also to pass the time while they are getting in those trainer miles. Rewire is perfect for that.”  Joe’s scientific approach to coaching is clearly working, demonstrated by all of the athletes he coaches moving up at least a category or more under his guidance.

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