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Elite Sports Coaches and Mental Fatigue: What You Need to Know

We all know that athletes and other working professionals encounter mental fatigue. It’s in part why breathing exercises and guided meditation have become so popular over recent years. And in the elite athlete population, there’s never been so much emphasis on mental skills training and other psychological practices to improve mental performance. Yet, there’s very […]

How to be a Good Coach in Sports

“A coach is someone who can give correction without causing resentment.” – John Wooden. It doesn’t matter who you coach — whether a youth sports team, the starting line-up for an international event, or a track and field team at your local University, you want to do a good job — you want your athletes […]

Overview of Rewire’s Neuro-Training System

What is Neuro-Training? Neuro-Training is cognitive training that involves mentally fatiguing activities to induce mental fatigue to help augment training stimulus and build more resilience.  The traditional way of building mental resilience and grit is to push your body very hard during training, hoping for a side effect that translates to more resilience. The problem […]

Exclusive Offer to Become a Founding Investor of Rewire Fitness

Exclusive Offer to Our Rewire Community We’re offering our Rewire community an exclusive opportunity to invest in the Rewire business and become a founding investor this month (October 2022). Market TrendsWhen it comes to investing they say timing is everything and this is literally the perfect time to consider investing in Rewire. The mindful movement […]