Exclusive Offer to Become a Founding Investor of Rewire Fitness

Exclusive Offer to Our Rewire Community

We’re offering our Rewire community an exclusive opportunity to invest in the Rewire business and become a founding investor this month (October 2022).

Market Trends
When it comes to investing they say timing is everything and this is literally the perfect time to consider investing in Rewire. The mindful movement trend has become a $29 Billion dollar market with brands like Nike, Under Armour, Hyperice, Therabody, Othership, Breathwork and others doubling down on the “Mental Fitness” category. Rewire Fitness is the first to market, patented solution that provides holistic readiness, mindset recovery and resilience training for athletes using evidence based solutions from neuroscience, NASA, the military and sports science. According to the research group Mintel, mental and emotional well being is now the #1 reason for exercising and with athlete burnout and overtraining on the rise, the Rewire solution needs to be in the hands of athletes all around the world.

How will Funding be Used?
This funding will go directly into continuing the mission of helping athletes around the world by supporting the ongoing development of new product features, the launch of our new Teams product and Neuro-Training hardware.

“Rewire is a product built by athletes for athletes. Our mission is to help you reach your full potential and avoid burnout by providing tools that improve mindset, readiness and resilience. We have a market-leading product with deep IP that harnesses the best science and technology to help athletes and teams around the world. We hear from many of you every day about how helpful Rewire is to your performance and well-being. This keeps us constantly inspired and motivated to continually improve the product. We also have a fantastic group of investors, advisors, and partners who love what we’re doing and believe in our mission. If you feel the same about what we’re doing please join us in becoming a founding investor of Rewire Fitness.”

Sun Sachs, CEO & Co-Founder, Rewire Fitness

Company Facts

  • Rewire holds a U.S. Patent with international patents pending
  • Prior funding rounds included investments from sports brands and athletes including Under Armour and notable pro athletes such as NBA All-Star, Kyle Korver & 7 other professional athletes from around the World
  • Rewire created an advisory board with notable scientists, human performance experts and athletes in Sept 2021
  • Techstars Sports Accelerator Alumni (Q2 2022)
  • Rewire launched a closed beta program for teams and coaches in Jan 2022 which is set to launch in Nov 2022
  • Rewire’s first-to-market neuro-training system hardware is launching in Dec 2022

Requirements of Investors

  • At this time we can only receive investments from accredited investors
  • Minimum investment amount: $5,000 USD

Investment Terms

Rewire is raising $250,000 on a SAFE note with a $8M Post
No additional terms, discounts or incentives are being offered at this time

Offer Ends on October 31st, 2022
If you feel strongly about what we’re doing and would like to learn more about becoming a founding investor in the Rewire business please reach out to us as soon as possible as this opportunity will no longer be available beyond this month (Ends on October, 31st 2022). [email protected]