New Guided Recovery Sessions

New: Guided Recovery Sessions

We’re excited to share our latest update: “Guided Recovery Sessions”! We’ve designed these sessions to navigate you through the process of achieving your desired state while elevating your Mindset Recovery experience. These instructor led sessions will walk you through a complete mindfulness experience with sessions designed for pre-workout priming, relaxation, focus, and stress relief.

We’ve released four initial sessions to our guided library which are featured in our new ‘Guided Recovery Session’ category:

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If you haven’t already signed up to Rewire, you can experience one of our audio only recovery sessions here:

Mindset for Performance

How to Achieve the Right Mindset for Performance

What separates elite athletes from the rest? What helps them constantly succeed? What do they do differently?

It all comes down to mindset.

While all of those competing at a professional level are talented, it is those with the right mindset who succeed.

Here are a few of our top tips for achieving the right mindset for athletic performance: 

  1. Establish a Growth Mindset:
    • Throw away the belief that your abilities are fixed or that any athletic talent is innate. Instead, embrace a growth mindset that you are capable of improving and reaching higher levels of athletic performance through continuous effort, discipline and learning. You can read more about the Growth Mindset Here.
  2. Positive Self-Talk:
    • Positive self-talk can improve your performance mindset by reducing stress, anxiety and any negative thought patterns. This technique allows you to become more relaxed, focused and concentrated.
    • Try Rewire’s Pre-Workout Primer sessions, which includes self-talk mantras, to improve your mindset before your next intense training session. 
  3. Visualize The Process of Achieving Your Goals:
    • Believe it or not, mentally visualizing the image of what you want to happen or feel can enhance your sport performance in real life. Think of one of your main goals right now and try to spend some time visualizing the full scenario of how you will achieve it. You can also mentally rehearse certain skills so that you’re able to build both experience and confidence in your ability to perform them under pressure or in various scenarios. 
    • Before your next competition, try one of our Competition Mindset Prep sessions, including visualization cues amongst other mindfulness protocols.
  4. Build Mental Resilience:
    • By training mental resilience, athletes are able to push beyond their perceived limits of performance. Rewire’s Neuro-Training protocols work to reduce perception of effort; increase tolerance to mental fatigue; and allows you to reach a new level of performance. Like training our muscles, the more we train our mental resilience, the more resilient we become.
    • Make sure to keep up with your weekly Neuro-Training goals and tap here to complete a Neuro-Training session now!

Achieving the right mindset for performance can be difficult, so let Rewire help guide you on the way! The right attitude can boost your performance and unlock your ultimate potential.

Before your next workout, try one of our Pre-Workout Priming Sessions, such as ‘Step-Up‘ which features Step-Up beathing, Self-Talk and Subliminal Priming and is designed to optimize your mind and body for performance.

Rewire Fitness Integrates with Strava

We are pleased to share that we have just completed an update to our integration with Strava allowing you to automatically sync your training load from Strava to our Readiness Assessment; receive post-workout recommendations to help optimize your training and recovery; and more!

In this post, I’ll explain the benefits of connecting Rewire to Strava and how Rewire can help you get the most out of your workouts. But first, what’s Rewire? Rewire is a human performance app that provides evidence-based solutions for tracking athlete readiness, building mental resilience, and improving mind/body recovery. Strava is a social network for athletes which allows athletes to track and share their workout data.

Why Rewire + Strava?

Connecting your Strava account allows Rewire to analyze your workout data, providing a seamless way to measure your current training load. Rewire will also give you post-workout recommendations tailored to your readiness state, either adding mental load through Neuro-Training if you are in an excellent cognitive state or providing you with a Mindset Recovery session designed to optimize mind and body recovery.

Connecting Rewire to Strava also lets you share Neuro-Training workouts and Mindset Recovery sessions that you complete in the app with your followers on Strava, meaning they can see all the hard work you are putting in to train both your mind and body.

Strava has an extensive list of integrations that support many of the devices and apps you are already using to track your workouts. This means that Rewire will be able to get your workout data from a device supported through Strava. If you’d rather not post publicly on Strava – you can always set your privacy settings to ‘Only You’ in the Strava app.


Auto-Sync Training Load from Strava

Once you connect Strava, we’ll automatically sync yesterday’s workouts from Strava to pre-fill your training load in our Readiness Assessment. Duration is based on the length of your workouts and intensity is calculated using your heart rate or power data. You can still adjust duration or intensity if you need. Training load forms just one part of our Readiness Assessment, which takes a holistic approach across cognitive, emotional and physical domains to provide you with actionable readiness insights and recommendations.

Post-Workout Recommendations

After finishing a Strava workout, open up the Rewire app for a post-workout recommendation. Based on your data we will recommend a relevant post-workout Mindset Recovery session, featuring a range of recovery protocols including guided breathing, binaural beats and subliminal priming which have been tailored to your readiness state. If you are in an excellent cognitive state we will recommend a post-workout Neuro-Training workout designed to build your mental resilience. 

Share Your Rewire Workouts on Strava

We’ve also improved the way we post Rewire sessions to Strava allowing you to now share Mindset Recovery sessions as well as Neuro-Training workouts. You can select which sessions you’d like to post as well as whether you’d like to share notes by going to Settings -> Configure Third-Party Integrations -> Strava.

Workouts in History Log

You’ll also be able to see all your Strava workouts alongside your Rewire Neuro-Training and Mindset Recovery session in our history log.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re not already a Rewire member, sign up for our free 7 day trial here!

If you are already a member (or once you’ve signed up!), please head to Rewire App->Settings->Configure Third-Party Integrations->Strava and tap connect with Strava.

Please note that if you are an existing Android user you will have to reconnect Strava by following the above steps and tapping Connect to Strava again.

You asked, we listened!

We’re always speaking with our users to learn what new features they want from Rewire! If you have any suggestions or want to vote and add feedback on features currently planned or under consideration, please visit our feedback portal.

What our Beta Users are saying:

Having the Strava integration has been great! Pulling workout duration and intensity and pushing Neuro-Training to Strava has been a game changer.

David Lipman, Beta User and Runner

The Benefits of Mindfulness Without Meditation

When we think of mindfulness, often the images that spring to mind are of sitting in a darkened room with crossed legs, deep in meditation. It is easy to think of this as all there is to mindfulness, and to not always identify with it ourselves, especially for those of us leading active lifestyles or those who have tried meditation and not found it to work.

However, excluding mindfulness practices from our routines altogether could be detrimental – the benefits of mindfulness are far reaching.

As with many elements of sports training, those who practise it can see improvements outside of their sporting life as well; mindfulness practitioners can see improvements in both empathy and compassion (1). Back in the sporting world, we can find the practice helps us better regulate our emotions, and decrease stress, anxiety, pessimism and mental fatigue (1-5). All are benefits that you can find aids you as a sportsperson, regardless of discipline.

Although different definitions of mindfulness can be found across the internet and beyond, it is best described as “moment-to-moment awareness of one’s experience, without judgement” (1). The practices that can bring about this vary, and can be active, as well as passive, more suited to the more animated and outdoorsy amongst us.

With both the holistic and sport-specific benefits on offer, mindfulness can be an attractive prospect to add into your routine. However, as not everyone finds meditation works for them, there are multiple and varied ways of introducing the benefits of mindfulness for yourself.

Binaural Beats

Binaural beats are a type of auditory stimulation that has been linked with increased focus for those listening for just twelve minutes, reducing the wandering of the mind that might occur during a long training session, for example (6).

In sport, perception of how you feel can be as important as the physical reality, and binaural beats have also been seen to improve the perception of sleep and motivation in sportspeople (7).

Guided Breathing

Guided breathing is frequently recommended as a method of stress and anxiety reduction (8,9). 

By focusing on breathing, even while doing other activities, you can bring about a state of mindfulness, with the ‘moment-to-moment awareness’ of your breathing aiding relaxation and focus.

Box breathing is commonly used by the Navy SEALs as a method of staying calm and performing under pressure. This methodology is also applicable to all high performing individuals, including athletes, who will find benefit from using box breathing in preparation for a competition.

Subliminal Priming

Subliminal priming is the use of visual, auditory, or other cues that occur below the threshold of perception, such that they are only perceived subconsciously. 

Priming sees the most significant effect when those using it are motivated to pursue the goal that they are priming in themselves, but can increase motivation, and feelings of self-efficacy, especially when combined with other techniques (10,11).

We developed Rewire with athletes in mind, to highlight and develop the cognitive side of sports performance.

Rewire’s Mindset Recovery system contains a range of protocols to help you enhance your performance, with binaural beats, guided breathing, and subliminal priming alongside various other neurological and psychological protocols like visualization and self-talk.

Start your free trial with Rewire today to get the benefits of mindfulness without meditation.


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Why Is Rewire The Best Mindset Recovery App?

Start your free trial with rewire here

The short answer to which is the best mindset recovery app is “Rewire”, but then again that is the long answer too because nobody else is even coming close to what we are doing at Rewire. 

But at this stage you may be asking, actually, what is ‘Mindset Recovery’? 

Mindset recovery is the process of appropriately preparing you, in the mental realm for the performance that is upcoming and the state you want to be in when performing. 

It is not simply calming down, or hyping up, it is taking a holistic approach to improve mental performance and reduce fatigue. 

Ok, but what is Rewire? 

Rewire is an athlete’s Neuro-training coach, readiness tracker and mindset recovery tool, all rolled into one groundbreaking app. 

With Rewire you will track recovery and readiness daily before having your personalized mindset recovery session delivered to aid in areas of need based on your readiness and goals for the day. 

And on days where you are in a great cognitive state? That’s when you can double down and do some neuro-training to build mental resilience, mental toughness and improve decision making to help push your athletic performance to the next level. 

Who needs Mindset Recovery?

Given the modern world we live in with its myriad of stressors, everyone. The key here being that your body only understands stress, not the source of the stress. It can’t differentiate between training/racing and a meeting or press commitment. So whether you are a professional, weekend warrior or sub elite with a part time job, tracking your readiness is key, but without being able to action it, through mindset recovery you haven’t got a lot of good options to action this readiness insight. 

The way the mindset recovery sessions are designed, means they allow you to set a focus for the day and use your current readiness and goal to then guide the mindset recovery to be optimal for you. 

So it’s like Meditation? 

No, it is not like meditation. It is an easier alternative to meditation that incorporates breathing techniques, visual priming and allows you to customize the experience. It is completely guided and will track the effects of the session to help you track your improvement as a result of the mindset recovery session. Think of it as a system designed using science, and targeted to your needs, to use the best parts of subliminal priming, breath work, mantras and mindfulness to achieve optimal state, as a beginner, rather than with years of practice. 

This may be the biggest point of difference for Rewire; an actionable solution to your current state, based on your goals. Information without the ability to action it is just more data in a world where we are flooded with data all day long. It is more harm than good. 

Rewire Fitness is the revolution to human performance through a holistic approach to readiness, mindset recovery, and building mental resilience. My favorite components of Rewire were the relaxation, concentration, and focus protocols. As a former college athlete, I feel Rewire’s solution is a game-changer for those looking to level up their performance. 

Dr. Chazz Evans, DPT, former NCAA Division I Track and Field Champion

So far, overall, I would say [Rewire], is actually really quite fun, the part that I like the best about it is I love the mindset recovery. Like that’s beautiful

Pilar Arthur-Snead, Ultramarathon Runner and Coach

Aside from the fact that things are not a one-size-fits-all in regards to how mindset recovery sessions can be used for given levels of readiness and goals for the day, one huge advantage of Rewire is that it takes into account the Inverted U of performance.1 In short, this theory states that someone can be both over aroused (think anxious, stressed out, hyped up) and under aroused (think overly relaxed, half asleep, not ready) for performance. Neither of these states is optimal and the optimal level of arousal for peak performance lies in the middle of this. So in some situations a person will need to be more aroused and in some they will need to calm down. Most recovery apps focus almost exclusively on calming you down, and to be fair, in modern society this is a fair bet, but it’s not optimal.  

Optimal is measuring your readiness, asking your goals for the day and then facilitating you performing better through mindset recovery. That’s mental resilience, that’s performance under pressure and that’s what Rewire does.   

But How did Rewire Start?

As a former elite cyclist and lifelong endurance athlete and self-described performance geek, our CEO Sun Sachs had been aware of the science around building more cognitive resilience as a way of improving athletic performance. 

He had been waiting for a commercial version of the science to come to market for 4+ years and then one day whilst on the bike trainer he had an epiphany for how it could be done. 

With his 25 years in software and hardware development he was able to build a prototype in a few weeks with his first co-founder, Cody Rotwein, start beta testing, file a patent, add two more amazing co-founders, Rizala Carrington and Ed Gibbins and the rest is history. 

This is the creation story, but given the uptake of this powerful technology by a range of athletes from amateur to elite, it is likely it is just the start. 

If you’re already a Rewire member (and reading this on mobile), tap here to try one of our Mindset Recovery sessions. If you aren’t a Rewire member yet, tap here to sign up today!

Matt Hanson
Matt Hanson
Professional Triathlete and Coach

“I have been using the app for a few months. It has helped me set the proper mindset before workouts, disconnect before bedtime, and gauge my mental readiness on a daily basis. I have also been enjoying working on the Neuro-Training component during some of my indoor rides.”


  1. Arent SM, Landers DM. Arousal, anxiety, and performance: a reexamination of the Inverted-U hypothesis. Res Q Exerc Sport. 2003 Dec;74(4):436-44. doi: 10.1080/02701367.2003.10609113. PMID: 14768844

Dr David Lipman is an Australian trained Medical Doctor, Podiatrist and Exercise Physiologist. He has worked with athletes of varying levels in all 3 roles. He is an ultramarathon runner, avid physical activity advocate and is passionate about performance in all people.