Insights from the World of F1 Performance Coaching with Pete McKnight, Human Performance Expert and Coach (Formula 1)

In this podcast, we speak with Pete McKnight, Performance Director at Hintsa Performance and a member of the Rewire Fitness advisory board.

With over two decades of experience in the field, Pete has coached and managed the performance of some of the world’s top F1 drivers. 


  • Pete’s comprehensive approach to coaching elite sport and managing athletes
  • A typical day in the life working with F1 teams
  • The unique challenges and opportunities involved in coaching F1 drivers
  • How to use science and research to inform the coaching process
  • The recruitment process for F1 coaches 
  • Characteristics which differentiate top athletes
  • Pete’s thoughts on the F1 coaching practice compared to other populations (military, corporate professionals…)
  • How to unlock performance outside of physiology
  • and much more… 

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