Introducing the Go/NoGo Task: A New Way to Assess Cognitive Readiness with Rewire

At Rewire, we are constantly striving to provide you with the best tools to enhance your performance and optimize your readiness. That’s why we are thrilled to announce the latest addition to our Readiness Assessment: the Go/NoGo task. Let’s dive into the details:

What is the Go/NoGo Task?

The Go/NoGo task is a response inhibition task in which your goal is to rapidly identify and respond to the “Go” stimuli (blue shape) as fast as possible, while withholding your response to the “NoGo” stimuli (red shape). Rewire measures your reaction time when correctly responding to the Go stimuli, lapses in concentration, and the number of incorrect responses (misses). Over a rolling 30-day period we’ll create a baseline and utilise that to provide a personalized analysis of daily cognitive readiness, helping you make well-informed training and recovery decisions.

Why is Cognitive Readiness Important?

Mental (or cognitive) fatigue impairs physical performance. This is something we all (likely) have anecdotal experience with – try training after a long hard day at work, it’s going to feel harder, and you’re not going to able to achieve your best. This was cemented within research with a landmark 2009 study by Samuele Marcora et al., providing initial evidence that ‘mental fatigue limits exercise tolerance in humans through higher perception of effort rather than cardiorespiratory and musculoenergetic mechanisms’ with many more studies since highlighting the negative effect that mental fatigue has on athletic performance.

What Can We Do About Low Cognitive Readiness?

The good news is that despite the negative impact that cognitive fatigue has on our performance, there are a variety of strategies that can mitigate the negative effect of cognitive fatigue. We’ve built these protocols into our Mindset Recovery system providing a way to optimize your state for workouts, sleep, focus, relaxation and more – with sessions utilising strategies like Binaural Beats, Guided Breathing, Self-Talk, Visualization, and Subliminal Priming. Our recommendation engine also provides a personalized recovery recommendation based on your current readiness state, key areas of need, and your goal.

Integrating the Go/NoGo Task into the Readiness Assessment

The Go/NoGo task seamlessly integrates into our Readiness Assessment, providing an alternative to the Reaction Time task. In addition to the cognitive assessment, our Readiness Assessment takes a holistic approach, encompassing cognitive, emotional, and physical domains. By combining multiple data points, including the results from the Go/NoGo task, heart rate monitoring, training load, and self-assessment questions, Rewire provides you with a well-rounded assessment of your overall readiness.

Get Started with Rewire and the Go/NoGo Task

If you’re already a member of Rewire, simply update your app and start a Readiness Assessment to select and use the Go/NoGo task. Please keep in mind that since the Go/NoGo task is a new task, we’ll need to calibrate your baseline independently to the reaction time test. This process is initially 4 days and improves over the course of a rolling 30-day period. During the 4-day calibration, your cognitive score will be based on Mental Load and Sleep. You can always switch back to the Reaction Time task via Settings->Readiness Assessment Preferences.

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PRODUCT UPDATES #3 – New Mindset Recovery Categories, App Features, Teams Platform, Neuro-Buttons…

In this episode, Sun and Ed talk about the latest developments at Rewire, including new mindset recovery sessions and categories for sleep and motivation, updated app features, a refreshed home screen, and an improved recommendation engine. The episode also introduces Rewire’s latest team platform for coaches and neuro-training hardware

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New Mindset Recovery Collections for Passive, Guided, and Sleep Sessions

We’re pleased to announce the release of 3 new Mindset Recovery Collections

In collaboration with Rewire athletes and coaches we’ve created these new Elite member mindset recovery collections to provide more tools for managing stress and improving recovery and performance.

This is what the collections look like in the Rewire app:


Image from the “Sleep Aid” session

The “Sleep Better” collection has been designed to help you improve and optimize your sleep. The collection includes both active and passive sessions to be used prior to sleep, during sleep or to help overcome a poor night’s sleep.

Athlete’s sometimes suffer from a poor sleep due to a number of factors including being constantly challenged with managing a stressful lifestyle between training, work and their personal life. Then there are times when you simply can’t fall asleep or get up after restless night’s sleep and still have to perform, what then?

“I’ve experienced a severe lack of sleep first hand while attempting to summit a 16,000 FT peak in Washington state called Mt. Rainier. After three days of climbing I only had a sum total of 6.5hrs of sleep but then had to get up at midnight for our summit attempt. Since I wasn’t able to sleep what I did instead was play back-to-back 2 Hz Delta Wave Binaural Beat sessions to help support cognitive recovery and restfulness while I lay awake with my eyes closed waiting for the climb. It was a tremendous help that night. Read more about my story here.”

Sun Sachs, CEO & Co-Founder, Rewire Fitness

The Sleep Better sessions include:

  • Wind Down Routine: This guided session takes you through some best practices for maintaining a good sleep hygiene along with guiding you through a 4-7-8 breathing session to help you wind down and prepare for a good night sleep. This session should be used approximately 15-20 minutes prior to sleeping.
  • Sleep Primer: This active session is designed to optimize your mind and body for sleep using 2Hz binaural beats and 4-7-8 breathing.
  • Sleep Aid: If you’re having a hard time falling asleep then this guided session is a great choice to help you relax your body and mind for a good night sleep. The session is designed to be used while in bed to help you fall alseep.
  • Sleep Aid Extended: This session repeats the same exercises as Sleep Aid but with an extended Binaural Beats section to help you drift off to sleep.
  • Sleep Pure Beats: This passive session is designed to be used with earbuds or headphones to help you fall asleep using 2Hz Binaural Beats.
  • Use After a Bad Night’s Sleep: What do you do when you have a poor night’s sleep but still have to perform that day? Use this pure binaural beats session to help make the best of your day. The session can be used while laying down or as you go about your day to help recover your mind and body. (Note this is what I used during my climb).


Image from the Increasing Motivation Session

This guided collection has been designed to be used in passive mode without looking at the screen. It contains guided sessions to improve performance, recovery and stress relief.

What if you are simply too tired, don’t have time or are unable to look at your phone’s screen in order to do a mindset recovery session?

“At a recent cycling stage race, I had to compete in 3 back-to-back races in a single day across several disciplines. In between races I only had approx 30 minutes to eat, rest, fix my bike, warm-up and get to the start line. I used these guided sessions to help me ramp down, slow my breathing and get into a restful, recovery state then to ramp back up recharging my mind and body for the next challenge. ”

Sun Sachs, CEO & Co-Founder, Rewire Fitness

The Guided Passive sessions include:

  • Positive Thinking (1 Min): This short guided session can be used during training, competition and other times you need to boost your motivation and self-confidence when you have very limited time.
  • Managing Frustration (1 Min): When frustration is getting the better of you or things are not going your way, this short guided session can help you get your frustration in check and hit the reset button for the next challenge.
  • Increasing Motiviation (1 Min): Need a big boost of motivation to get you over a difficult challenging? This short guided session can be used to increase motivation and promote a confident, positive mindset.
  • Stress & Anxiety Relief (2 Min): When stress or anxiety is feeling overwhelming but you just don’t have the time for a full length mindset session then this short guided session is a quick solution to help you with a calm mind.
  • Physical Priming (2 Min): This short guided session can be used during training, competition and other times when you want to prime your body for performance. (this is what I used to ramp back up after resting between races)
  • Prepare for Competition (4 Min): This comprehensive guided performance session will prepare your mind and body for peak performance. Follow the visualization cues and prompts with your eyes closed.


This collection has been designed to be used in passive mode without looking at the screen. It contains Binaural Beats at different frequencies for rest, recovery and focus. (Note that these sessions must be used with headphones to work properly).

As you go about your day what can you do to get into the zone, maximize recovery and promote productivity? These 19 individual sessions provide a range of solutions lasting from 2 min to 120 min and can be done while working, training or resting.

“Often throughout the day, when I want to focus on a project or improve passive recovery my go-to solutions are these pure beat sessions.”

Sun Sachs, CEO & Co-Founder, Rewire Fitness

Reference Guide for Pure Beats Passive Sessions*

  • 2.0 Hz – Delta wave for deep sleep
  • 4.0 Hz – Theta wave for meditation/sleep
  • 13 Hz – Beta wave for focus and concentration            

* If you want to nerd out on the science behind Binaural Beats read this full guide here.

The Pure Beats Passive sessions include:

  • Rest sessions: These passive recovery sessions include 2.0 Hz Delta Wave Binaural Beats designed for deep relaxation and recovery. These recovery sessions can be repeated as often as needed whenever you are feeling drained or short on sleep. The session lengths range from 2 Minutes to 120 minutes.
  • Balance sessions: These passive recovery sessions include 4.0 Hz Theta Wave Binaural Beats designed for achieving a calm meditative state. These recovery sessions can be repeated as often as needed whenever you need help getting into a calm mindset. The session lengths range from 2 Minutes to 120 minutes.
  • Focus sessions: These passive focus sessions includes 13.0 Hz Beta Wave Binaural Beats designed for achieving a focused mental state. These sessions can be repeated as often as needed whenever you need help getting into a focused mindset for competition, training or work. The session lengths range from 2 Minutes to 120 minutes.

New Guided Recovery Sessions

New: Guided Recovery Sessions

We’re excited to share our latest update: “Guided Recovery Sessions”! We’ve designed these sessions to navigate you through the process of achieving your desired state while elevating your Mindset Recovery experience. These instructor led sessions will walk you through a complete mindfulness experience with sessions designed for pre-workout priming, relaxation, focus, and stress relief.

We’ve released four initial sessions to our guided library which are featured in our new ‘Guided Recovery Session’ category:

*Please access these links via your mobile phone to be taken to the sessions.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback! Please continue to let us know your feedback at!

If you haven’t already signed up to Rewire, you can experience one of our audio only recovery sessions here:

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Mindset Recovery Streaks and Recovery Minutes Tracking

In version 1.1, we released an update to our Mindset Recovery system, allowing you to track weekly Mindset Recovery minutes and build a recovery streak to help you on your journey to becoming a more mindful athlete!

To update, just head to the App Store/Google Play Store and make sure you are on the latest version (1.1 or above).

Mindset Recovery Minutes Tracking

You can now set a weekly Mindset Recovery goal by going to Settings-> Mindset Recovery Preferences-> Weekly Mindset Recovery Goal. If you are just getting started with mindfulness, we recommend starting small with a target you will be able to achieve and gradually increasing that goal as you develop a routine around Mindset Recovery.

Do you use Apple Health? If so, simply connect Apple Health to Rewire (Settings -> Configure Third-Party Integrations) to write your mindful minutes completed in Rewire to Apple Health!

Recovery Streaks

Recovery streaks are a count of how many days you have completed a Mindset Recovery session in a row. All you have to do is complete a Mindset Recovery session daily to keep your streak going. Don’t worry – we’ll remind you if you are close to losing your streak. We’re excited to see how high yours can get!

We’d love to hear how you are finding Rewire and what we can improve! If you have any suggestions or want to vote and add feedback on features currently planned or under consideration, please visit our feedback portal.

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