What is Readiness?

Knowing when to train and when to recover can be a huge challenge for athletes, but mastering this can reap huge rewards. Rewire brings your data together to create actionable insights, allowing you to optimize your training and recovery and be the best you.

Readiness is a measure of your ability to perform, the system takes a holistic view, measuring your level of overall readiness as well as breakdowns into cognitive, physical and emotional readiness.

We recommend that users build the Readiness Assessment, as well as the Personalised Recovery Session into their morning routine, to get themselves in the best state to achieve their daily goals.

What the Assessment Involves

This system includes a cognitive reaction time test called a Simple Reaction Time Task (SRT). The SRT is helpful for noticing even subtle declines in your focus and decision-making abilities due to mental fatigue. 

The system also includes heart rate monitoring via a heart rate strap which measures your resting heart rate and HRV.   If you enable the integration with Oura, Apple Health or Google Fit, the Rewire system will also incorporate your sleep data as an additional data point for your assessment.  Oura, Apple Health and Google Fit integration can be found in the app settings section.   

Lastly, the readiness assessment system will ask you a series of self-assessment questions. This involves subjective questions developed by Nasa for testing the readiness of astronauts (NASA Task Load Index TLX), as well as subjective questions on training load, mental load and muscle soreness. For each subjective question, you should use the anchor phrases to help find the most appropriate rating.

Personalized Recovery

Rewire recognises that schedules are complex and can’t always be adapted around your Readiness, that’s why we created Personalized Recovery Sessions, to provide you with an on-the-spot solution for a low readiness state. Try building these into your morning routine to optimise your readiness for the day ahead.

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