Compatible Bluetooth Devices

Rewire Buttons

We are currently in mass production of our Rewire Buttons. If you are a subscriber you will be notified once these are ready. For now you can still use BET software only by tapping the buttons on the screen.

Compatible Heart Rate Monitors

Polar H10 (Recommended)
Polar H9

Wahoo Tickr
Wahoo TickrX

Suunto Smart Sensor


4iiii Viiiiva

This list is not exclusive and other Heart Rate Monitors may work with the Rewire system. Our system supports Bluetooth Heart Rate monitors with the standard Heart Rate GATT specification. Please contact your Heart Rate Monitor manufacturer to confirm compatibility.

Compatible Power Meters

The Rewire system supports most Bluetooth enabled standard power meters using the following protocols “Fitness Machine Bluetooth Standard” or “Cycling Power Bluetooth Standard”.  This represents the majority of power meters that are part of the bike as well as most that are part of an indoor training system like Wahoo, Kinetic etc.  Please contact our support team if you have any other questions about power meter compatibility:  [email protected]

Additionally, we can recommend a solution for ANT only devices that creates a Bluetooth bridge to the Rewire device called Cable which can be found here: