Overcoming Burnout and Reframing Success with Joe Fuggle, Former Elite GB Athlete

Joe Fuggle is a former elite GB Junior 400m hurdler and founder of The Athlete Place.

In this episode, Sun and Joe share an in-depth discussion about burnout, describing their personal experiences and the deeper insights they’ve gained about how they have been able to reframe their mentality around sports by changing motivation and how they measure success. Joe also shares how he now uses his experiences, knowledge, and passion of helping others to create The Athlete Place, a brand supporting athletes and parents in track & field.

You can find Joe at The Athlete Place — The place to go for track & field athletics guidance, support and storytelling.



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Risk factors for Athlete Burnout

There are multiple risk factors for young athletes developing overtraining/burnout: 

  • Environmental
    • Extremely high training volumes
    • Extremely high time demands
    • Demanding performance expectations (imposed by self or significant others)
    • Frequent intense competition
    • Inconsistent coaching practices
  • Personal characteristics
    • Perfectionism
    • Need to pleases others
    • Non-assertiveness 
    • Uni-dimensional self-conceptualization (focusing only on one’s athletic involvement)
    • Low self-esteem
    • High perception of stress (high anxiety)


Overuse Injuries and Burnout in Youth Sports

Burnout In Youth Athletes: Risk Factors, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

At Rewire, our mission is to help athletes thrive by prioritizing their Mental Fitness and well-being. Make sure any signs of burnout are not going unnoticed by completing a readiness assessment today. You can also try a Mindset Recovery session for free to manage your emotional fatigue and stress to avoid experiencing burnout.

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