What is Neuro-Training?

What is Neuro-Training

Rewire’s Neuro-Training System uses a protocol called Brain Endurance Training (BET) which is designed to increase your tolerance to Mental Fatigue.

What benefits can you get from Neuro-Training?

  • Increased Mental Resilience
  • Improved Athletic Performance
  • Improved Decision Making
  • Increased Tolerance to Mental Fatigue

How to use Neuro Training?

We have three types of Neuro-Training Sessions:

  • Pre-Workout – These are designed to be used before a low-intensity workout. These sessions will increase your level of mental fatigue before your physical workout, meaning that you will be training under a level of mental fatigue. Expect this to increase your perception of effort in your workout.
  • Post-Workout – These are designed to be used after a high-intensity workout or skills session. This will finish your workout off with some additional mental load, allowing you to achieve the benefits of Neuro-Training without hindering your physical performance in your high-intensity workout.
  • Standalone – These sessions are designed to be integrated into your week as a standalone mental workout adding mental load to your training plan. They can be used on physical recovery days or as an additional session on your training days.

The Science Behind Neuro-Training

The science behind Neuro-Training first began in a landmark 2009 study that highlighted the negative effect that mental fatigue has on athletic performance. Neuro-Training uses a protocol called Brain Endurance Training (BET) which has been shown in fMRI brain scans and numerous peer-reviewed studies to improve athletic performance by targeting the part of the brain responsible for managing fatigue, decision making and the suppression of undesirable impulses aka will power.

Research done in 2015, showed that brain training is highly effective in improving endurance performance when combined with traditional physical training. Those in the brain-training group had a 3x improvement in time to exhaustion (TTE) than the control group (+126% compared to +42%) over a 12 week training period.

Pro Neuro-Training System (Coming Late 2021)

In order to measure your performance, the Rewire system records all of the traditional physiological metrics such as average heart rate, average and normalized power, cadence, interval time and total workout time. Additionally, the system also tracks your mental performance including response time, accuracy, RPE, session RPE, and a proprietary metric called your perception gap. Your Perception Gap is the difference between your self-rated RPE (how hard you think you worked) compared with your expected RPE based on how hard you actually worked under the conditions of mental fatigue, using data from the power meter and heart rate monitor. By measuring the difference between your perception vs. your actual physical performance the Rewire system establishes a methodology whereby you can measure your mental performance over time. The goal is to reduce the gap in your perception when training or competing under mentally fatiguing situations so that your mind is not a limiter to achieving your true athletic potential.

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