How to Achieve the Right Mindset for Performance

What separates elite athletes from the rest? What helps them constantly succeed? What do they do differently? It all comes down to mindset. While all of those competing at a professional level are talented, it is those with the right mindset who succeed. Here are a few of our top tips for achieving the right […]

The Benefits of Mindfulness Without Meditation

When we think of mindfulness, often the images that spring to mind are of sitting in a darkened room with crossed legs, deep in meditation. It is easy to think of this as all there is to mindfulness, and to not always identify with it ourselves, especially for those of us leading active lifestyles or […]

Why Is Rewire The Best Mindset Recovery App?

Start your free trial with rewire here The short answer to which is the best mindset recovery app is “Rewire”, but then again that is the long answer too because nobody else is even coming close to what we are doing at Rewire.  But at this stage you may be asking, actually, what is ‘Mindset […]