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Top 3 Hip Mobility Exercises (No Equipment!)

Every time I stand up after sitting down for too long at my desk, my hips make that horrible crack – crack – crack sound. Past injuries and intensive training as a young athlete has left my body feeling older than it really is. Here are some of our top mobility exercises to keep those […]

The Worst Habits for Your Brain

Our habits directly relate to our brain health. Habits allow us to complete daily tasks without having to think about them too much. A study in 2020 showed that habits can be controlled right at the start when we introduce them into our lifestyle. These are some of the worst habits for Brain Health: 1. […]

5 Foods to Fight Fatigue: What to Eat for Energy (Vegan Friendly!)

We have all experienced those dreaded bouts of overwhelming tiredness and fatigue. Mindfulness is important in all areas of our lives, including what we eat. To fight fatigue, it can help to be mindful of what’s on your plate. A health report at Harvard stated that what and how you eat can retain “mental sharpness”. […]

Naomi Osaka: Mental Health Journey

Since withdrawing from the French Open in 2021 due to mental health reasons, professional tennis player Naomi Osaka has become an icon in the fight for raising awareness of mental health issues in the professional sports world. In the 2018 US Open, Osaka defeated Serena Williams, a top American professional tennis player, and won her […]