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4 Ways to Boost Mental Fitness

1. Mindfulness Practicing mindfulness is a great way to build mental fitness because it means tuning in to our bodies. The real skill we are trying to develop here is the ability to notice when our thoughts distract us in order to build awareness of the world around us. Integrating a mindfulness session into our […]

Fitness Your Way: A Sustainable Training Plan

Matthew Mace, an avid cyclist and runner, recently published an article on athlete burnout, what it is, and how to prevent it. Matthew defined burnout as a lasting experience of emotional and physical exhaustion. His recommended intervention examples (including visualisation and positive self-talk) are helpful ways of preventing burnout. Like Sun Sachs and Ed Gibbins […]

The Holistic Connection: Mind/Body Connection

What is the Mind/Body Connection? The connection between our minds and our bodies is the link between our thoughts, emotions, and attitudes and our physical health. This means that what we think has an impact on what we do. In 2008, a scientific study proved that the mind/body connection was no longer a theory and […]

Mental Fitness Q&A

What is mental fitness? Let’s think about it this way – If physical fitness is a state of health and well-being, particularly the ability to perform physically, then mental fitness is a state of health and well-being that allows us to perform well mentally (how we think, behave, and feel). Just like we exercise to […]

3 Habits that Will Help Build Mental Strength

Mental strength is important for every aspect of our lives – but what exactly is it? Mental strength can look like: Getting up when life knocks you down. Staying disciplined despite lacking motivation. Competing against yourself instead of others. Facing challenges head on. Being mentally strong means that you can cope with negative emotions in […]