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Readiness Tracking: How and When to Use the Different Aspects of Rewire

PART 2 – HOW DO YOU USE REWIRE Readiness tracking is a crucial part of athletic performance preparation. This is abundantly clear from the increasing adoption of various readiness apps and trackers. For more on why Rewire is the app of choice when it comes to comprehensive readiness tracking see this article. But tracking readiness […]

Neuro-Training: How and When to Use the Different Aspects of Rewire

PART 1 – How do you use Rewire Neuro-training represents a unique aspect of the Rewire Fitness app giving athlete a significant opportunity to improve their performance through mental resilience. There are many ways to incorporate neuro-training into your training program and how you do so really depends on a number of things: Goals Phase […]

Why Is Rewire The Best Mindset Recovery App?

The short answer to which is the best mindset recovery app is “Rewire”, but then again that is the long answer too because nobody else is even coming close to what we are doing at Rewire.  But at this stage you may be asking, actually, what is ‘Mindset Recovery’?  Mindset recovery is the process of […]

What is Neuro-Training?

Neuro-Training is the name we have given to training that involves mentally fatiguing activities to induce mental fatigue to help augment this training stimulus.  Mental fatigue, as a training stimulus?  Yes, you read that correctly. Any activity that has a component of prolonged time, think sports matches, endurance activities, prolonged focused work – they all […]